"If I Stay" Literary Analysis

The book "If I Stay" is about a girl named Mia who is musically talented. She meets a lead singer in a band named Adam who has watched her play cello at school from day one. They become great friends and later something more. After a bad fight they decide to take a break. In this downtime Mia is in a bad accident. Her soul becomes detached from her body and she can see herself in the ICU. No one around her can see her though, and she wanders around the hospital. While she wanders she runs into Adam who has came back early from his tour just to see Mia and check if she is ok. Touched by this action, Mia goes through a series of memories about Adam that bring her closer to him again. Through it all she realizes that she still cares for Adam and he still cares for her. He cares for her so much that, while she is in the hospital unconscious, he confesses his love for her. This confession brings Mia's soul back to her body causing her to wake up and be officially reunited with Adam.

Video citation: https://youtu.be/t8ahsNLNEBg

The character Mia is better portrayed in the movie versus the book. There is more character development in the movie. This is partially due to the actor who plays Mia. There is an abundance of emotion put behind the actions and words spoken in the movie. The character of grandfather was also a very good choice on the directors part when he cast the roles. By picking good actors to play the various roles it adds more appeal to the movie and the book. Overall I think that the movie did a better job of showing the emotion behind the story. The visualization that the movie provides helps to put a picture to an event or person. The actor playing the grandfather did an outstanding job in the scene above. In the book we get quotes like: "I'll let you go if you stay," said by Adam where you can tell there is emotion but having an actual actor go through with that emotion by using actions and words is more emotional for the viewers.


In the school hall scene there was an added character in the movie. Most movies have a tendency to add characters to make the story longer. In "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" they had to add more characters and a different plot to make the short story into a full movie. The book had only Mia and Adam in the school hall scene. This made the scene more intimate in the book versus the movie. The quote "Okay, I said like it was the most natural thing ever. By Friday, though, i was more jittery......." ends the scene and Mia was by herself going about. In the movie she had her friend come up and confront her afterward. This friend creates an intrusion in the movie that brings Mia back to the real world and out of her daydream.

Video citation: https://youtu.be/giGWC-o1mvw

In this scene Mia is in her spirit form looking on as Adam confesses his love to her. In the movie it was really easy to tell that she was a spirit because people blatantly ignored her. When Adam talks to her she replies but he continues to ignore her showing that he can't see or hear her. The quote ""Stay." With that word Adams voice catches" has no mention of her trying to talk to Adam but in the movie she replies to his comment with a whole dialogue about how she cannot stay. With this in mind it was really easy to confuse what was going in the wreck scene. Mia is trying to talk to people in the movie which made the whole scene clearer and more believable.

Video citation: https://youtu.be/2aqgKA3uUwM

In the movie the way Adam got into the ICU was by a quick distraction that Mia's sister provided. The sister says that there is a lady going into labor in the bathroom down the hall. This provides a quick distraction and Adam is allowed to get close to Mia but not before he is dragged away by security. In the book he gets a singer to come in and provide a distraction. " So this is Adam's idea: Brooke Vega, the indie-music goddess and lead singer of Bikini." This plan is more elaborate and shows the time and patience he was willing to go through to have a chance to touch her and see her. The movie takes some of the effort out of his attempt to see Mia.


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