Wearable Technology Benefits/Iusses


  • Benefits of wearable technology
  • Issues of wearable technology
  • Future of wearable technology
  • Solutions and point of view on the matter


More Jobs

Wearable Technology is still emerging. And it has its wings spread in many parts of the world and various employment sectors. Wearable Technology opens up opportunities for marketing which includes insights into user communication. Digital marketing is one other crucial area which helps in spreading the news about Wearable Technology. There are many business plants which are newly entering into wearable device market. All these would contribute to the creation of new and the huge number of employment opportunities. By creating potential employment opportunities, unemployment levels can be brought down. This increases a nation’s workforce population. It in-turn results in enhanced productivity.

Connecting you

Just say that you are at a meeting and you aren’t concentrating on your phone. Are those important calls going unnoticed? No. Wearable Technology like the apple watch is able to notify you constantly about the incoming & outgoing calls, SMS and e-mails. It also is able to helps you in find your misplaced phone. Thus, the wearable devices help you in building up your connections.


Wearable technology is not defined

In modern terms, the latest crop of wearable tech devices is still in its infancy — and no one knows exactly what constitutes a wearable. Most personal wearables are centred around fitness or health, and often have connectivity with a mobile application. Devices that are considered enterprise wearables are largely smart glasses and smartwatches.

But new gadgets and categories are emerging, and there is no set definition for wearable technology. This can be problematic for CIOs and IT departments, especially when it comes to defining workplace policies for wearables, if you’re not sure what those policies should apply to.

  • Energy inefficiency for color displays
  • Insufficient Internet connectivity, often creating the need for companion devices
  • Poor battery life
  • A lack of standards for waterproofing charging connectors
  • Privacy and security concerns over personal data collection
  • Awkward design issues

Future of wearable tech

Over the next ten years, wearable technology could change the way you live even more than smartphones have. Wearable technology combines all of the tracking, collecting and communicating power of current mobile devices with an intimate level of personal information captured in real-time. Common wearables include: Fitness Bands, GPS-enabled Cameras, Digital Glasses, Medical Devices and Smart Watches. Wearable technology can be a force for good, but you need to consider the privacy and security implications of the devices as well.

For the moment, wearable technology is more like a trendy hobby for early adopters than it is a means of recording highly accurate & useful information. In the future, businesses will likely utilize wearables to monitor everything from hours spent working to employee whereabouts throughout the day. It is this enterprise usage that will ultimately fuel the adoption of wearable technology in the consumer market. For now, your smart watch is a fun and shiny object with a few killer apps much like the computer back when email was introduced. Ten years from now, you might wonder how you lived without the increased convenience and connectivity.


  • Social issues encompass issues that a small to representative group of people within a society disagree with or find undesirable.
  • An ethical issue brings systems of morality and principles into conflict. Unlike most conflicts that can be disputed with facts and objective truths, ethical issues are more subjective and open to opinions and interpretation.
  • Environmental issues are problems with the planet's systems (air, water, soil, etc.) that have developed as a result of human interference or mistreatment of the planet.

Point of view

  • Just taking about thought I had about the issues with wearable technology
  • Rapping up anything that needed to be said
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