The Tenth Tuesday: We talk about Marriage By: Nayeli Morales

Morrie Schwartz is an old man who has ALS and can't leave his home. But his friend and old student, Mitch, goes to visit hi m on occasionally. Morrie always asks Mitch when he was going to his wife, Janine, for the first time. So one day Mitch had called to see how Morrie is doing, but sadly that day Morrie wasn't doing so good. Morrie wasn't feeling so good, but he stilled asked Mitch about his wife and Mitch responded say that she was sitting right next to him. So Morries asks him to put her n the phone and Mitch hands the phone to his wife and they arranged to meet each other on the next Tuesday that Mitch goes to visit. The next Tuesday came and Janine and Mitch went visit Morrie, there Morrie asked Janine if she can sing to him, so she did. Afterwards Morries starts to give them advice for marriage. He does this because this generation now has a lot of divorces and he doesn't want Mitch and Janine make the same mistakes as everyone else.

Morrie says, "'And the biggest one of those values, Mitch?' Yes? 'Your belief in the importance of your marriage"'(Albom 149).

This quote shows Morrie trying to give advise to Mitch and Janine about marriage. What Morrie was trying to say is that marriage is only going to last if it is important to you. If the marriage means nothing to you then eventually it is going fall apart.

The symbol that I put to represent marriage are two rings. This represents what Morrie was trying to explain to Mitch and Janine because the two rings are together to represent understanding and love. Which means that the two people that have these rings must understand the importance of the marriage.


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