The American Hands Hand stamp

For out Art robot we wanted to make a robot that would make a hand print.

We started out by sketching the first parts of our robot. I did the first sketch and chowed it to my partners and they said that it would probably work so we started building off that sketch.

I did a couple of tests on wood glue which we ended up not needing it.

We then made out first hand prototype out of felt but figured out that the felt didn't transfer to the paper well so we used foam scraps.

I was very stuck on using the felt hand but the second we switched to the foam it worked really well. this is why my thinking changed our project alot

The rest of my group made the program in Scratch while I made the rest of body.

I feel our project was pretty successful because it ended up making pretty good art.

I feel that this project help my designing skills because our robot took a lot of tweaking and changes for instance when the felt hand didn't work to well we had to figure out a better material which was built by me and my group.

our groups art robot was focused more on the physical part ie the stamp and stand but i noticed that other groups were more focused on the motors and gears. for instance jaces group made a car that drove around with a trail of marker.

i saw another groups making a robot that used a funnel to make a silhouette of something which i found really neat so in the future i would probably do that.

Our robot
the art

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