Kyle's Story ST. Louis Park to Granite Falls

After returning to the Twin Cities post-college, Kyle found himself missing small town life

Kyle grew up in St. Louis Park, southeast of Minneapolis. He graduated with degrees in Economics, History, and Latin American Area Studies from the University of Minnesota - Morris, located in rural western Minnesota. During his time at college, Kyle gained exposure to the local community and quickly fell in love with the people and places he discovered. His appreciation only grew as he learned more about rural life.

" Although there are fewer people in rural areas, I really appreciate the strong sense of community. People take the time to get to know you."

After moving back to the cities post-graduation, Kyle found himself missing small town life. Even though there are more people in urban areas, he felt that it was harder to make close connections with other people - unlike in small towns. So, he moved to Granite Falls and took a job as News Editor at the Granite Falls - Clarkfield Advocate Tribune, and he's really enjoying it!

Kyle not only enjoys working for the local paper, but also his beautiful "commute" across the bridge and having time to cook something delicious for lunch

"Everyone is invested in each other, even new members of the community"

Kyle found that in small towns, everyone is willing, in some way or form, to share their experiences with newcomers. He feels that everyone is invested in each other, even new members of the community that they might not know as well. This was something that took a little getting used to, but has become something Kyle cherishes. He enjoys meeting up with friends to cook or at the local breweries and restaurants after work, and can't attend an event without bumping into someone he knows!

Talking Waters Brewery. Montevideo, MN.

background photo from a performance of "An Enemy of the People" from Sod House Theater which involved community members as actors. Photo provided by the Granite Falls Advocate Tribune.

"I love the open feeling you get when you're outside and walking around. Living in a rural area feels less stressful."

While Kyle does not have trouble finding places to go and events to attend, he also enjoys that he can take things at his own speed. He enjoys reading, drawing, and riding his bicycle through the beautiful landscape. In an urban area, Kyle found it was easy to dissociate from the natural world and ignore the near-constant noise. In contrast, living in a rural area feels less stressful, helps the mind concentrate, and allows for a deeper connection to the land.

Kyle says young people should be tempted by the opportunities afforded by living in rural Minnesota. There are plenty of job opportunities an the cost of living is low. More and more young people are moving from urban areas to rural Minnesota, and Kyle thinks it can be a good fit for many.

"People here are invested in you, even if they don't really know you. Having these connections can be a major asset, both personally and professionally."

If you're thinking about moving to rural Minnesota, Kyle encourages you to visit several communities and take time to get to know them. "Not all small towns are the same," he says, so find one that one that is perfect for you!

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