Parrot By maximus

Parrots are a very cool bird and very colorful. Parrots are blue, red, green, and yellow. Their height is 3.5 to 40 Inches. The weight of an Parrot is 4.4 to 8.8Lbs. The body of an Parrot is a Bird type with wings! There are other Family Members like the True Parrot and The Kakapo Parrot and the Love Bird Parrot and last the Nestor Parrot.

A parrot only eats plants and is called an herbivore. The parrot eats fruit, flowers, buds, nuts, seeds, and some insects. Parrots hunt with other parrots. A parrots food web starts with fruit, then a parrot eats the fruit, then a BIG snake eats the parrot. Finally a fox eats the snake.

Parrots live in warm rainforests in Mexico, Australia, South America and Central America. Parrots need hot or warm weather to survive. Parrots live in trees and build nests.

Parrots have a pair of toes where two toes are pointed forward and two pointed backwards. Parrots have strong beaks which are ideal for breaking nuts. A parrots grip is very strong when going up trees.

A parrots enemies are hawks, owls, and eagles and last large snakes like the python snake and the boa constrictors snake. Parrots seek shelter in trees to protect themselves.

There are cool Facts about Parrots. #1 There are around 372 Parrot species. #2 Most Parrots live in tropical areas. #3 Parrots have curved beaks. #4 Parrots have strong legs. #5 Parrots have clawed Feet.


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