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“The Alive Experience”, revolves around receiving an IV vitamin infusion, virtual reality stimulation, oxygen therapy, Pulse electromagnetic field, and multi-sensory stimulation. We tried to take advantage of the time it takes to perform the IV infusion and paired it with a system to recharge your battery. Plug in at a local hub and reset your mind and recharge your body for a better you. Take the opportunity to relax and unwind in either of our private suites or our community lounge area where you can interact with like-minded individuals.

Oxygen Therapy | Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency | IV Hydration | VR Meditation

IV Hydration

Intravenous therapy bypasses the GI (gastrointestinal) tract enabling your body to absorb 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. This method quickly and effectively hydrates your body, resulting in a more energized, healthier and better you!

These IV nutrients are meant to be administered for a specific customer during an in-office procedure under aseptic conditions. Proper materials and IV setup are required for intravenous administrations of any kind and the infusion or drip should only be performed by a licensed, highly-trained medical practitioner.

Oxygen Therapy

The purified oxygen served in AliveDrip is 90 percent concentrated oxygen. The natural air we breathe on a daily basis contains about 21 percent oxygen and, when combined with the delivered oxygen, dilutes the percentage. The lower the flow rate, the more it’s diluted with room air and the less you actually receive.

We provide 20 to 30 minutes oxygen therapy while your cells are being replenished with the IV micronutrient drip. The combination is highly beneficial for your cell repair and body restoration.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field

The PEMF therapy uses healthy electromagnetic frequencies, as opposed to cell phone frequencies, to enhance overall health and wellness. Every cell in the body has a negative charge on the cell wall. For nerve cells, this is approximately -60 mV; other cells may vary in the net negative charge. To maintain healthy levels of this negative charge, potassium and magnesium should be contained inside the cells, while calcium and sodium ideally remain outside the cells.

Certainly, there are scores of fundamentals vitamins, minerals and hormones that must be maintained at an optimal level for cell health. The pH of the blood, normally 7.4, is, of course, essential, as are significant excesses or deficiencies of nutrients; and numerous toxins must also be kept at bay. While all these factors play an important role in cell health, the electrical health of cells is one of the most critical of all the vital elements. The PEMF combined with IV Hydration and Oxygen therapy will enhance the nutrient absorption and will improve the body homeostasis.

VR Meditation

In VR, a guided meditation can enhance a person’s sense of presence not only through an audio guide but also with immersive visual cues, haptic feedback and voice interactions.

Since ancient times, the essence of all meditation techniques remains the same: to increase mindfulness and allow gaining peace and clarity of present moment awareness. Meditation is a way to move beyond emotional upsets and stressful thinking.

Mindfulness helps people handle pain, stress, and everyday challenges, however, that’s not the only reason why meditation has soared in the business and tech world.

By tapping into our inner power and healing potential, we can unlock the doors of success, happiness, and balance that we require to enhance our lifestyles. Our outer world is a reflection of the inner self, and in order to change our condition we must change from within. Witness holistic and medical wisdom expertly paired with the latest treatment innovations at our health and wellness center in Montclair, NJ.


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