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One of my favorite things to do is road trip! My first big road trip was last summer...My sister and I drove from South Carolina to San Francisco, California!!

We started in Sumter South Carolina and ended in a San Fransisco, California, where my sister stayed to work for the rest of the summer. Upon arriving in California, we stayed one night in Long Beach, and then travelled up to San Francisco on Highway One, stopping in every little beach town we came across.

These are some of my favorite stops in California! The second from the bottom on the right is the famous Bixby Bridge on Highway 1, and the bottom left is my favorite lookout view on Highway 1. Above it is a seal beach, it was an exit off of the Highway to a beach filled with sleeping (and playing seals.)

One of our big stops along the way was the Grand Canyon. This didn't technically fit in our route, but when you are that far west you've got to make a little detour!

When we drove to the Grand Canyon we stayed with a friend who lived a little bit outside of Vegas. She took us hiking at the Red Rock Canyon and took us to see the Vegas Strip!

Another one of my favorite stops was when hiked a glacier in Colorado. The whole time we drove through Colorado we could see snow covered mountains in the distance so it was cool to actually go to the top of one!

When we were in the car driving up it was in the 70s, but by the time we hiked to the top it was in the 30s!

Another one of my favorite stops was at Hanging Lake in Colorado. This was a pretty intense hike, but led to the most beautiful lake in the middle of a valley.

In late June-August Hanging Lake is one for swimming, but we were just al little bit too early.

One day we found a really lucky coffee stop...


Madi Solberg

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