Creating the Right Diet

First step, you need to decide what your daily caloric intake should be. Everyone is different when it comes to total calories that should be consumed. When deciding on how many calories you consume, you should consult a doctor first. You should also factor in exercise to allow for more calorie consumption when you burn calories. Here is a calorie calculator that can be very beneficial to you

1st Step

Next step is to start a food journal. It is important that you log everything that you consume. Alongside with all of the exercise that you do. If you wear a fit bit or any type of pedometer you can easily log the amount of steps and or calories you burn throughout the day. The main reason behind a food journal is so that it keeps you accountable and will often times motivate you. When creating your food journal you need to be honest, it will not do you any good if you lie or cheat your diet.

2nd Step

Next you need to reduce your portion size. Too often people will eat much larger portions than needed. The average American consumes more food than recommended. If you have the urge to cook a full plate of food, think about adding more vegetables to the plate to fill up the emptiness. It is said that your serving size for vegetables should be the size of a baseball and fruits should be the size of a tennis ball. Your carbs that you consume should be no larger than a hockey puck.

3rd step

Here is a video that explains why eating at a slower rate is beneficial to you!

4th Step

Next, you need to clean out your cabinets and drawers of junk food. Throwing away all the junk food will allow you to have less of a temptation to eat bad foods for your body. This will also save you some money, if you don't buy the junk food at the store then you will not have it at your house and this will save a little bit of money. You should also begin to quit eating out. Not eating out will not only save you money, but you will not be exposed to such large portion sizes as stated earlier.

5th Step

The consumption of water is very important in regards to a proper diet. Consuming soda, energy drinks, and even coffee will make you consume extra calories that are not needed. If you substitute water for every drink you have no additional calories to account for. If your excuse is that you don't like the taste of water, then you can add a zero calorie propel flavor pack. If you don't know how much water to drink, click on the link below to find out how much water to consume.

6th step


7th step

Last But Not Least

Lastly, make sure that you exercise. Meeting the requirements for weekly exercise will pay tremendous dividends in your diet plan. Exercise also helps prevent diseases, the video below explains how much exercise you should do a week, and what types of diseases you can reduce with exercise. Any exercise at all is better than no exercise. If you find yourself bored on the couch, go on a walk. If you can't stay out of the kitchen eating, go to the local rec and partake in some sort of physical activity.

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