Season 1: Meet Shana Episode 1: MEET THE TURNER FAMILY


Shana had a wonderful photo shoot. She did a great job and had quite an amazing time time doing it. Her Photographer wants to bring her in for a session after the baby is born. Tired and worn out the Turner family heads home for a night of movies on the couch....
As the Turner family unwinds in front of a scary movie.... Shana and Matthew seem to be more in love then ever since the pregnancy. Even though the couple have been married for 3 years, they never really got to know each other. They were married just a few months after dating. A year later Alexa was born and now a baby boy on the way! Shana and Matthew definitely need some time alone.... Maybe after the baby is born???


Shana woke up having a great morning. She decided to invite the ladies of the "Wives' Club" over to have some of her favorite Ice Cream and maybe visit the Flea Market...Shana has been apart of the "Wives' Club" ever since she moved to Willowbrook 3 years ago.


Matthew gave Shana a long kiss on the lips. "I'm gonna go make Alexa something to eat...see you in a few?" Matthew said. "Ok baby...see you later..." Shana responded with a concerned look. Matthew walked out of the bathroom and headed down the hall towards Alexa's room. Shana decided she would go out for some morning Sun. "Gotta get that energy!" She thought as she headed out of the bathroom and down the stairs.
It takes a while for Shana to get up from the ground and climb 2 flights of stairs while 8 months pregnant, but she finally gets to Alexa's room door. Right before she twists the knob on the toddlers door, Shana hears a bunch of commotion coming from inside. She can also hear Alexa and she seemed to be sobbing.... Shana swings open the door and when she does she is not sure of what to make of what she sees....
Shana didn't know what to think after the stunt Matthew had just pulled. "I don't know WTF got into you just now but that shit was not cool!" Shana yelled out at Matthew before ordering him to repair the doll house. Matthew just stood there in total shock and embarrassment. He never wanted Shana to see "that" side of him.....
Shana feels much better after her meeting with the ladies and she doesn't make Matthew sleep on the couch after all....he did repair the doll house!


Shana and Matthew wanted their baby shower to be special. Since Shana just purchased her own Restaurant and Matthew thought that would be the perfect location, they decided to host it there. Despite of the incident that happened the other day with Matthews sudden change in behavior....Shana wants to enjoy her baby shower with Matthew and their friends!
Shana's decorations and gifts look great! Guests are starting to arrive and the festivities begin!
Shana walks around and entertains her guests while Matthew dances the night away.
Shana struts her stuff as all the ladies rub her growing belly!
Shana snaps selfies of her, Matthew and their friends and even gets a bathroom selfie in at the end of the night! The baby shower was a success and Shana received a lot of gifts for their new baby! Time to head home and unwind.... Shana and Matthew have a double date for breakfast in the morning!


After the "incident" and the baby shower Shana has been up and down with her moods. One minute Matthew makes her happy and the next he has her wondering. It's been a few days and still no explanation from Matthew on why he snapped until now....
They give each other a kiss and Matthew heads to the bedroom to get dressed for the double date. Shana gets Alexa washed and dressed then sends her off to daycare. They will be having breakfast at Shana's restaurant. Since she has been on Maternity leave she has really missed being at work so she tries to go as often as possible. She might even get in the pool!


Meet Alexa..... Shana and Matthew's 2 year old daughter. Alexa was born a sweet and quiet baby who rarely cried and always smiled, but lately things have been going down hill. Matthew has taught her how to walk, talk, use the potty and much more which has made her listen to daddy more than mommy. Shana has been focusing on building her Restaurant so she has little time for the Princess....
Shana laid down for a nap after her and Matthew finished decorating the new room for the baby. Alexa goes into Shana's room and sees her sleeping....."Mommy sleep?" Alexa says She turns around and walks into the hallway where she sees a door open to a room she has never seen. Being a typical 2 year old....she wonders through the open door.....
"I DON'T WANT BABY!!" Alexa screams "I TELL DADDY" Alexa runs around the house looking for Matthew. She knows he will listen and give her what she wants and that's get rid of the baby!
Matthew hadn't heard a word Alexa said until just now....He had to take a double look at her because he didn't believe what he had just heard! "Did you say no baby?" Matthew asked Alexa....
Matthew can't believe the attitude on this little girl and he sends her to her room. "Lil girl is too grown for her own good! Only 2 years old!!" he says shaking his head. Alexa runs off towards her room crying and having a fit! Alexa knows she cant win this fight right now and instead of going to her room she heads to the kitchen!
Alexa sits and enjoys her forbidden snack.... Will she learn to love her baby brother or will she despise the idea all together???


Shana had been wore out from the photo shoot, baby shower and mishap with Matthew so she laid down for a nap. She could hear Alexa crying as she laid there drifting in and out of her sleep but she didn't budge..."Matthew can get her" she thought. After a few hours of napping, Shana woke up to horrible pains and a puddle on her sheets.... Shana is finally getting ready to have her baby!
Matthew hears Shana calling his name so he runs upstairs. He knew she would be going into labor soon so he got himself prepared.
Matthew is stuck and is definitely no help to Shana. She breathes in and out as the pain comes and goes and she starts to push! "Push baby!" Matthew yells "Ahhhhhh!" yells Shana as she gives a huge push!
Shana pushed and pushed and out came the baby healthy and handsome! WELCOME HOME AUGUST!


Shana is so relieved to NOT be pregnant right now that she has an urge to cook a meal and spend time with her growing family. August is sleeping in his new room and Shana sees the perfect time to do some much needed catching up with the ones she loves....
Shana cooks and eats a nice meal..... She invites her husband Matthew to enjoy some quality time with her by watching a movie together.....
Matthew enjoys a back rub from Shana and the movie was great! Shana gets ready to head into Alexa's room, it's about time for her to go to bed. Shana needs to give Alexa some attention also, she has been neglecting Alexa in that department and she knows it. Playtime with Alexa before bed and then it's lights out for Shana....she goes back to work in the am.
Playtime with Alexa is over and Shana lays her down for bed.... "Yes! The kids are finally sleep! Now I can get some rest." Shana says to herself as she heads to her room for bed. She has to return to work in the am and she couldn't be more happier!


Shana gets a good nights sleep and wakes up energized and ready to go back to work at her Beach Poolside Restaurant....
Shana gets a good read in and then gets dressed for work. Excited about returning she gets her hair done and buys a new outfit!
The employees start rolling in and everyone is excited to see the "Boss" back in action! Shana cranks up the music and gets to work!


Shana gets home from work and gets a text message from the photographer who did her pregnancy shoot. He has a modeling gig for her and wants to know if she is interested. "I'll come by in an hour or so and snap some pictures of you, the network I'm working for needs them in by tomorrow." the photographer says. Shana sends a reply "That's cool, I'll be ready!!"
Alexa loves when her mommy sings to her and Shana loves to make her daughter feel special! Shana puts Alexa down for a nap and gets ready for her photo shoot. The photographer will be here any minute!
The photographer decides to shoot Shana in front of her home and he couldn't be more pleased on how the pictures turned out. He informs Shana that he will send the pictures to his connect at the Network and he will let her know what happens. Shana is extremely excited and can't wait to hear the news! Meanwhile, Alexa wakes up from her nap and needs a little attention. Shana has playtime with her before spending some quality time with her husband....
After playtime with Alexa, Shana heads to the bathroom for a quick shower. She is planning a night of sexy fun for her and Matthew. "I hope he enjoys!" Shana says to herself....


Shana and Matthew's sex life has been on the rocks ever since the pregnancy, but the baby is here now and Shana thinks it's time for some romance! Shana heads into the bedroom and strips down from her clothes. Matthew was out running errands and she wants to surprise him when he returns. Shana positions herself and waits for Matthew to return....
Shana and Matthew are enjoying themselves, feeling each others bodies and being free with each other. They haven't done that in such a long time....
A few minutes after soaking in the tub, Shana hears the cries of Alexa! "Oh wow! Why won't this girl stay sleep?" Shana says to herself as she steps out of the tub to dry off.
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