SafeSportCorp Group 12

The Issues

Continual decline in youth sports

How can we combat the many problems in youth sports?

  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Uneducated coaches
  • Early Specialization
  • Lack of medical attention

Youth Sports by the numbers:

  • Decline from 50.2 million participants to 45.7 million participants from 2009 to 2014
  • Children between 5-14 yrs account for 40% off sports related injuries treated in hospitals
  • By age 13, 70% of kids will have dropped out of youth sports

Unless changes are made to the organization of youth sports in America, there will be a continual decline in youth sports participation. Because there's minimal legal action taking place to improve youth sports, we developed an organization to try and develop a universally safer youth sporting atmosphere.

The Solution

  • Training coaches to be certified "SafeSport" individuals, offering the competitive spirit and knowledge of top tier coaches with concern to each athletes health and safety.
  • Require and encourage "SafeSport" athletes to diversify and become competitors in multiple sports to reduce overuse injuries and develop a more well rounded athlete.
  • Integrate parents into the "SafeSport" system, training parents to aid their athletes not only to help them physically develop but to not overwhelm them psychologically
  • Offer trainers to regularly check the wellness of all athletes and to be a liaison between athletes and coaches/athletes and parents

There's no one set solution, instead many things that would be implemented to improve youth athlete's welfare but also the environment the game is played in.


  • Receive funding from conglomerates: USA Football and NFL, USA Basketball and NBA, USA Swimming, etc.
  • Try and market alongside the same large businesses: NFL, NBA, etc. as an organization that serves as a safety program in youth sports with same goodwill services like NBACares..
  • Implement our strategy first on small scale sporting community, like a season of sports at Grand Park incorporating "SafeSport" coaches and trainers
  • Once successful at the grassroots scale, try implementing again at a larger scale, work alongside a community to have "SafeSport" coaches, trainers and clinics to teach and implement our mission
  • Lastly, try to partner with NFHS and each state's sports authority (ex. IHSAA) to try and pass legislation to require "SafeSport" coaches and trainers at every school across the country

Pursuing this business would be trying to sail uncharted waters, however when implemented correctly the possibilities to continually improve youth sport is endless.


SafeSportCorp would target all markets: wealthy and impoverished communities, primarily the youth but also to develop and offer guidance for teenage and adult athletes. We feel that SafeSportCorp offers something for all athletes, whether it be indirectly by providing officials for club sports or directly by providing coaches for individual sports teams.

SafeSportsCorp is an entirely new idea, with no competition. Although there's no competition we aim to better the sporting community in many ways: making the game safer, but more fun by creating an ideal environment for every athlete to compete in.


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