An Amazing Steel Bridge By: giulia zaccardelli


The Sydney Harbour Bridge is in Sydney, Australia. This beautiful bridge spans over Port Jackson and Sydney Harbour.


The construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge began on July 28th, 1923 and it was opened on March 19, 1932. It took eight years to build this structure.

Who Built the Bridge?

It took 1400 men to build the bridge over the eight years until it was completed. The architect that created this was Dr. J J C Bradfield.

What kind of bridge is it?

This bridge is an arch bridge. It is made out of steel and it is used to transport people and trains/ vehicles to get across the body of water.

Interesting Facts!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge contains 6 million hand driven rivets.

16 people died during the construction of the bridge.

800 people that lived in the path of the bridge were forced to and were not compensated for it.

The original cost of the bridge was 4.2 million dollars.

It took 55 years to pay off the cost of the bridge.




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