Double Victory by alvin l. and diego M.

Women During WWII

Women in world war two started doing jobs that men previously occupied because the men were off fighting in the war. They worked in the factories that made weapons, machinery and other supplies for the military.
Rosie the Riveter was one of the many propaganda campaigns used to bring women into the workforce.
Veronica Lake was an American actress who demonstrated what could happen in a factory.
Another propaganda poster.
London Memorial of the Women of World War II.
Mexican American teens often wore zoot suits as a subculture. Unfortunately, the war rationed goods such as cloth, so wearing a zoot suit was frowned upon due to the amount of cloth needed to make one.
Racial discrimination was common at the home front.
Here, we can see that African and Mexican Americans were treated like an animal.
The fighting medinas
Uncle Sam is holding up his top hat as a Mexican man is holding up his sombrero.

Similarities between Women and Mexican Americans During WWII

  1. Both joined the war effort
  2. joined the work force
  3. Faced Discrimination
  4. Low wages

Differences between Women and Mexican Americans During WWII

  1. Women fought for the right of higher pay.
  2. Women generally worked in the factories as Mexican Americans worked in the railroads and agriculture.
  3. Women were discriminated due to sexism as Mexican Americans were discriminated due to racism.

Treatment of Women

  • Women worked in many jobs originally for men. Unfortunately, the difference in pay was clear.
  • Women pay increased if she could be able to do the job without guidance.
  • Women after work went home to tend to their families

Women Contribution

  • Women for the first time took jobs in factories.
  • Joined the nurse corps as well as the armed forces.
  • Proved to be able to do jobs men could do.


When men left for the war women took many factory jobs that men previously occupied. They worked in the factories that made weapons and equipment for the military. Women also joined the nurse corps and armed forces. They also still had to do housework and take care of chidren.

Slogan: We could do as much as men can do. We can do it!

Treatment of Mexican Americans

  • Mexican Americans worked for very little pay
  • Racial discrimination was common as segregation was put in place.
  • The Zoot Suit Riots was an event where young Mexican American Youth were targeted because of their subculture.

Mexican American Contribution

  • Mexican Americans fought in the front lines.
  • Help create railroads and crops needed.
  • Mexican American women worked in factories.


Mexican Americans migrated to America for a better life. At this time, we needed people to work in agriculture and the railroads. There was low pay and treatment wasn't any better. On the front, Mexican American soldiers had a better living style. They were treated better or just as a soldier and even integrated into other regiments.

Slogan: Join with our American friends to fight!


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