"Looking through" By Kate Gamblin

For this project portfolio I have chosen the brief title "looking through" all images I have taken reflect on this concept.

Black and white edited image , the use of reflection

Looking through a child's mind , envisioning of what the child's imagining in a ordinary place , a place which adults would find quite normal.

The main inspiration for these images are Elliott Erwitt, he specializes in black and white film photography , Annie Leibovitz, who also uses film, but looks strongly at portraits and finally Barassï, who often uses reflection and silhouettes in his work.

From left to right : Annie Leibovitz , Barassaï and Elliott Erwitt
These images have been based on reflection , which hints the use of the mirror, as the model looks through the mirror to look at the camera.
Editing the image black and white links to the photographer Elliott Erwitt
Looking through natural landforms
for these images I looked at Jenny Savill's pressed flesh series of images. so I used a panel of glass to press the models face and body against.

For these series of shoots i used this white frame , and experimented with Photoshop to make the overall image more interesting and not in the ordinary.

I added all 3 of the photo-shopped images into 1 image to give a full effect of how they are missing body parts.

I refined the previous shoot and changed the location of the shoot , to outside into the forest.

i then sewed into the image , on the final print.
I then printed this image and also sewed into the final print
This was the final installment into my project , which was a refined shoot of the looking through natural / outside objects.

All Images Copyright Kate Gamblin 2017

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