ALTERNATIVE FLAK Yeah, we went there

Five aspiring journalism students found a division and rift in political discourse. The Left do not listen to the Right... and the Right are always Right.

Phelan Shae Glen, Buhle Chinhara, Jensen Shields, Cole Marton and Seb Svenstrup band together to discuss topics that often cause a Sh!t Storm between those with different political beliefs. The Topics are serious, the research is (mostly) sound and the discussions are peppered with humour. This is NOT a debate. This is an OPEN platform to express different views.

Buhlebenkosi Chinhara is the token minority of the group, hopefully providing a unique and non-Canadian perspective on topics. She loves playing devil's advocate for the sake of exploring as many possibilities as possible, and all her opinions are pretty much tentative til the next sound idea comes along. The most important things in her life are pizza, vaporwave (because she's trash), and cartoons.

Cole Marton isn't a conventional young adult. You can tell he loves trying to provoke thought, and saying things that others may be too tentative to say. He knows that he can't be too out out there, but he's in it for the team. Other passions include hockey and baseball, video games, playing bass guitar, and sushi.

As our ever-present and mostly quiet producer, Seb's always anxiously awaits his chance to ply his trade. Unlike his role in the production of the show, Seb is usually an annoyingly, loud-mouthed ginger who lacks the filter needed to make a decent living out of being on-air. While you might rarely hear him, you'd best remember that he's always- and I mean ALWAYS- listening. He also enjoys engaging intellectual conversations under the stars juxtaposed by unintelligible shrieking done in an effort to terrify neighbourhood children.

Sometimes a Host, other times a personality; always a master of puns. Phelan does not like having to write generic self-biographies in an attempt to be likable. However, he DOES like discussion, his jean jacket and his co-hosts. Phelan thinks the world has gone crazy and that maybe we should all just take a few deep breaths. Serious or silly, why not both?

Jensen Shields is one of those people who you can never tell if he's being serious or not. Well he is always serious and seriously into politics. As a Political Science drop out and theatre junky, this broadcast student is making waves and paving they way towards a political podcast career.

The first episode of Alternative Flak where we cover the topic of celebrity censorship as it relates to the situation surrounding Milo Yiannopolous, Meryl Streep and Donald Trump.

The second episode of Alternative Flak where we tackle the topic of drug legalization. How about those boutique heroin shops, huh? With special guest and fellow journalism student, Sadie Vandnais.

The third episode of Alternative Flak where we discuss the morality and efficacy of torture... also nipples and nut-shots. Praise Judas Goat!

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Jensen Shields

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