African:Past and Present

Land Use

The main way that use the land is nomadic hurdling.In a way this is bad because they are using the land and they are not getting anything off of that.And also they are not making any money off doing this.Their are different things about subsistence farming and commercial farming.Commercial farming is were they are rasing some crops and then they are selling them.And subsistence farming is were they are going too feed their self.

Natural Resources

What they have is that they have Instrieltel diamonds. And they will also have gold. The Gold that is there is half of all the gold their.half of the world.With all this this can cause very unequal wealth.65% of the diamonds are being mind there.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Armed rebel groups take control of the mines, force people to work in the mines, smuggle and sell the minerals, buy more weapons to use against them. Diamond Gold...Hear they also have the 3 ts there.With the 3 will go into making like phones,laptops and more.And they also bribe leader to stay out.

GDP per Captia

The 5 most countries with most GDP is Mauritius $12,800,South Africa is $11,100 ,Bostwana is $9,200,Seychells $7,800,Nabia $7,300.The reson for all these nubers is that they might have more natural receorces that others.And also they might be able to trade more.

Life Expectancy

The ones that have the most less life expaintsey is in the sub African.The reason is HIV/Aids 77,000 of them are 24 million African are infected with HIV/Aids

Powerful Trade Empires

The name of the 3 west African Kingdoms were Ghana,Mali and Soughing. They exited between 800 c.e 1600 c. E they traded on the Trans Sahara trade network West Africans traded gold to the North Africans for their salt.Slaves were Traded on this Network.

Slaves on the West Trans-Sahara Network

The reason is that Muslims could not be able to trade for other Muslims.The Muslims and the Africans mostly used there slaves to be put into the war.

The Muslims and the Africans Trade from the Europe is that they were able to have a lot more freedom,and they could also even own some property. And sometimes they could even own slaves of their own.

King Mansa Musa and Timbuktu

Mansa Musa was the king of Mali.They now say that if he were still alive he wold be worth about $400 Billion dollars.In his life he went on a jenory to Hajj.When he went he was handing out gold left and right.He was so rich that most of all that did not matter to him.For one time he handed out so much gold that the value of the gold went down,because they had so much.One the way back he brought 60,000 people,80 camels with 30lbs of gold each.When they brought Timbuktu back they were watching him.The center of Timbuktu was religon,math,law,.

Ibn Battuta: Explorer

When Battuta went and started his travels he was at the age of 21 years. Battuta set out from Tangier. Battuta traveled over Africa and Asia,the miles that he had walked was 75,000 miles. While he was gone he spent about 29 years away.After Battuta was all done with his Traveling he wrote a book about all of his travels. Wich you still may be able to read today.

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