What do Aboriginal people wear? Lewis porteous 4 bass

Aboriginal people traditionally lived naked, though some put cloth around their waists.

What did they wear during sleep? Aboriginal Australians would wear animal skins such as possum fur if it was worm, or they would sleep naked if it was cold.

What did they wear during hunting? Aboriginal people tried to blend in so the animals couldn't see them so they wore dark cloth or reddish brown cloth.

What did they wear during ceremonies? During ceremonies Aboriginal people either wore cloth around their waist or wore nothing.

Traditionally Aboriginal people did not wear clothing. The different seasons and climates across the country determined the need for clothes. Indigenous groups in colder areas would often use animal skins, fur side in, for warmth especially on cold nights.

In southern, colder parts of the country they wore coats, while up north in the tropics where it was too hot, they either wore cloth around their waists, minimal clothing or were naked and covered their bodies in body paintings.

In warm regions in the tropical northern Australia, there was no need for clothes. Traditionally Aboriginal people in those areas didn't use any clothes, but covered their bodies in paintings. In the Kimberley region in Western Australia, particularly in Broome area, men wore rijis- pubic coverings made of pearl shells, and attached to a belt around the waist by hair strings. Hair strings were made by women. All cut hair was saved , and spun into long threads, which would be used as headbands, ropes and belts, or even woven into textiles. Typically Spinifex grasses were used in the inland, while on the northern, pandanus leaves, which are known for their strength, were used. Bark was also sometimes used for textiles, and more commonly for making baskets. In the cooler south eastern parts of Australia, in today's New South Wales and Victoria, Aboriginal people commonly wore possum cloaks. They were made of many skins sewn together, and they were rubbed in fat to better protect from the cold.


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