Turning Lemons into Lemonade Grand River clothing

We recently had a large number of defective products from a previous manufacturer and worked diligently for a year to replace these items with new, replacement stock. What to do with these lemons was our dilemma. A good friend connected me with a missionary friend of hers from Compel Outreach. Compel Outreach is an international, religious, non-profit organization. They have churches, orphanages, and colleges in Kenya, India, and Mexico for the victims of war ravaged cities and the very poor. They help house, feed, and teach children and young adults. Grand River donated 1863 pair of pants to Compel and they keep in touch with us to let us know what good our donation is doing. It is heart- warming to see how God turned our lemons into lemonade.

For more information of Compel Outreach, please visit: www.compeloutreach.org

Visit Grand River at: www.grandriverclothing.com

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