Chinese Internet Censorship By Michael deGraft-Johnson

The internet is something that we all take for granted. It makes our lives significantly easier. Although we get these free services, those in China, do not.

China is a communist country and because of this, the government does all that is necessary to protect the country from "harmful" foreign content. One way that they makes sure this content doesn't spread, is by censoring the internet and this is done using something called the Great Firewall.

Fang Binxing

The Great Firewall is a software created by a man named Fang Binxing. Binxing is the former president of the Posts and Telecommunications at Beijing University and he is current head of a new national industry association for promoting online security. Because of his work on the Firewall, he is deeply hated by Chinese citizens who no longer have access to services such as Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms as well as news informers like Time and the Economist. The reason these news informers are banned, is because they have spoken out against those with important roles in the government, and their affairs.

Aside from the Great Firewall, there is also the Golden Shield. The Golden Shield is another software program that reinforces the firewall. It is a huge system of surveillance and censorship that blocks tens of thousands of websites that have been deemed harmful to the government. This gives an idea of what measures the government would go to in order to protect the country.

One question that I had and that I'm sure others have had too, is, "Does censorship actually work?" There is no definite answer but according to the government, the country has struck the correct balance between "freedom and order" after decades of internet development. The Russian government also seems to think so. There has been a growing collaboration between Moscow and Beijing. Within this alliance, Russia has been looking to China for this same firewall technology that could potentially help them gain more control over the internet.

I think that this topic is a perfect example of legalism. In legalism, the government must have control of absolutely everything that has to do with the people. Also, the government must have control over all activities and must enforce a strict legal system where punishments are given uniformly to all classes if someone is to disobey the law. This topic is important because it is a big part of Chinese culture. Although it may seem very unfair in our eyes and even in some of theirs, it is still a big part of tradition and that is something that must be respected.

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