The Birmingham Riots seya Hutton

What lead to the Birmingham Campaign (Riots) -------------------------What lead to the Birmingham Campaign was POC (people of color) wanting to bring attention to integration efforts by African Americans in Birmingham. Also, the city of Birmingham banned all protesting unless given a permit from the city; which went against the first amendment. The movement was organized in early spring of 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.

What Was the Goal of the Birmingham Campaign? --------------------The goal of the Birmingham Campaign was to bring equality to African Americans throughout the U.S and also give them voting rights.

The people involved in the Birmingham Campaign were The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, African Americans in Birmingham; which were lead by Martin Luther King Jr (MLK), James Bevel, Fred Stuttlesworth, Mahatma Gandhi, and others.

The Campaign was a bunch of widely publicized confrontations between black students and white civic authorities in a non-violent way.

The people involved impacted the campaign by keeping it non-violent on their side. However, the promoters of the campaign faced violent retribution when they drew attention to their problems.

How Did the Leaders of the Campaign Impact It?------------------------The leaders if the campaign impacted it by not giving up, although facing violence. Also, they faced many obstacles and they overcame all of them. Obstacles the campaigners had to face were the Birmingham Riots, police brutality, and having to go up against the law; even though they could face jail time. They overcame these obstacles because they knew the future for POC would be better then they were feeling at the time. They also never lost sight of their goal and always wanted more for the future of African Americans, they thought before they made any decisions, and they went to the government to get help with their problems and to get them solved.

How Does the Birmingham Campaign impact today?------------------The Birmingham Campaign (Riots) impacts people today by there still being police brutality when protests happen, and just racism towards citizens from other citizens and sometimes from police.

What Were the Lasting Effects of The Birmingham Campaign (Riots)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This events lasting effects was it being publicized through newspapers and other ways it was shared through news sources. It also started the beginning of desegregation.

I chose these images, because it shows the peaceful marchers from the campaign and them walking and fighting for what they believe in.

What is a Modern Injustice Today That Relates to the BC?-----------A modern injustice today that impacts people are the unfair treatment some African American individuals have received from law enforcement which has caused the BlackLivesMatter campaign.

How is the BLM campaign similar to the BC?------------------------------The BLM campaign is similar to the BC because both campaign's are protesting for equality for Black Americans. Although, in some places the BLM campaign has turned violent for the protestors towards buildings & law enforcement. But for the most part the BLM campaign has been similar to the BC.

I chose this picture because it shows some of the police brutality that happened during this time.

I added this video because it is very informational about the BC and I learned a lot by watching it.


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