Causes of deforestation MeteorOlOgical, hydrological and human causes

Meteorological impacts (weather)
-Ocean currents help determine the weather patterns. However, if there is a sudden change in the weather patterns, this can stop raining patterns which is crucial for plant life. -If an area has high pressure, this stops the air from rising, which therefore stops evaporation and lowers the precipitation. This ultimately causes there to be less water.
Hydrological impacts (water)
-As less water enters the ground, less vegetation grows as it is required for them to survive. -Areas with low precipitation can lead to deforestation. Less water means less plant life.
Human impacts
Deforestation: Trees are cut down to be burnt, or for use in building
Agriculture farms are built over destroyed forests for crops and cattle ranching
Dams prevent natural water systems from flowing through places life rainforests, which will lower the water levels, possibly cause drought and will leave vegetation short of water
Global warming is changing the climate, which will make areas hotter and possibly dryer


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