Zayn Davis Taking On The World

My name is Zayn Davis, I am the youngest out of ten children. I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. I am an aunt of 19 nieces and nephews, my family is my back bone everything I do is for them. I was one of seven girls in my early education class in high school to receive my National Child development association (cda) Certificate. I do not plan to go any further with early childhood education. On my free time I like to watch Makeup and hair tutorials to help perfect my hobbies.

The day I graduated High School and first time doing my makeup for an event.
This quote is meaningful to me because it reminds me that I should never settle for less.

This ted talk inspire me because Halla Tomasdottir shows that even when all odds are against you never give up. She made a way to get herself out there when the media did not give her that chance. She truly fought for her goal and even though she did not win she made a huge impact in her country and also the way that I know view things.

Australia also known as the country down under is a country I have been dying to visit. I have always wanted to visit Australia to see The Great Barrier Reef and eat fish and chips. Australia has a population of 23.13 million, their most visited city is Sydney. In Australia English is their main language but like any other country there are other languages spoken. If I were to visit Perth and Cairns are the two cities that I would have to see. I would want to visit Perth because It's known for their sandy beaches and I l would love to visit the beach Greens Pool in person. I would Visit Cairns because That is where The Great Barrier Reef is located.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth, it's even visible from outer space. It's home to many fishes , starfish, sea turtles, dolphins and more. The reef is beautiful above and below the water, it is considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Climate change is one of the biggest threat to The Great Barrier Reef, I hope to visit before any real damage is done to it.

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