Entrepreneur Katie keegan

When I am older I want to own my own buisness in hair and beauty, this would be in the job family of creativity and buisness.

For this job you would need to be very creative and organised. The subjects you need would be maths, buisiness studies and economics or you can do IT and computering, geography and gerneral studies.

My Plan; I want to go to queens university Belfast and get a phd in business manegment wich will take three years to complete then i will do a hair and beauty couse inThe Galligan College of Beauty and Hairdressing in Dublin then I will open a salon in Armagh then i will grow my busisness and open them up in alot of different places.

My salon would be open moday to saturday, 10-5 monday to friday and 10-2 on a saturday. When you are highering and paying your employees you can do it two ways you can pay them a certaint amount monthly or weekly or you can have them rent a chair wich basicaly means you take all the money they make including tips and you would take an amount of it and they get the same amount every time they get paid and if they get more tips you would increase it more personaly I would go for the option of the c hair renting because i think that it is more fair.

When you do this job you can go down lots of different career paths for example you can do nail art, hair dressing, make up artist or waxing . you can even specalise in things like eyebrows and eyelashes.

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