Buy Local Day 3 VanAlstine Seafood and Farm

When we moved from the city, Michelle worried about getting her organic chicken, a staple in our household. What we found is far better than anything you can find in the grocery store. That leads me to day 3 of the Buy Local Challenge and VanAlstine farms.

John VanAlstine harvesting corn on the farm

When Michelle was diagnosed with the Alpha Gal Allergy, we doubled down on chicken. A good friend suggested we buy our chicken from ValAlstines. Since Ginny had never steered me wrong, we stopped by to pick up a few things. Farmer John couldn't have been nicer. Once he learned of Michelle's allergy, he walked us through exactly what the chickens eat. For someone that suffers from food allergies this was amazing. Often you have to wonder what is in the package poultry you buy, but not here. He even offered to show us the feed just to make sure.

The chickens are pasture raised. Yes they are true cage free chickens that roam the country side. John moves the birds to a new pasture every week. It keeps them eating fresh grass. He supplements the grass with other plant based feed. Plus he doesn't use antibiotics. You might read that on a label in the grocery story but here you can talk with the farmer. John is happy to answer any question you have.

You can stop by 135 Jewell Road in Dunkirk during the weekend to pick up your chicken. John also sells it at the Deale Farmer's Market every Thursday. If those times don't work you can always call him for an order. The chicken comes frozen in a vacuum sealed package.

So now that I have my chicken its time to make a great meal. Tonight it's one of my favorites saffron chicken and rice.

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