Rusty Layton Home Inspections Washington DC and Northern Virginia Images from the Field

Rusty Layton
Watergate, Washington DC
The Space Between, Alexandria, VA
Furnace Electric Heating Elements
Potomac Yards, Alexandria, VA
Peep Hole, Old Town Alexandria, VA
Clear Designer Light Bulb Filament
Living Room from Exterior with Reflection, Great Falls, Virginia
Arlington VA Contemporary Architecture
Gas Vent
Gas Vent in Masonry Chimney
Color Wheel Shower Head
Crawl Space
Masonic Temple, Alexandria VA
Rusty Layton, WDC
Blue is water, Red is Electricity, Green is Sewer, Yellow is Gas
Parkfairfax, Alexandria, VA
Slow Drain
Tub Spout Leak
Doll in Attic
Refrigerator Selfie
L'enfant Trust
Bosch Dishwasher
Agent on Roof
Basement Door
Dos Equis
Sump Pump Under Slab Drain Pipe
Maintenance Advice
Pin Hole Leak in Copper Pipe
Frozen Heat Pump
1915 Door Knob
Heat Lamps
Frog Cabinet Pull
Faucet drip in winter ice sculpture
Watergate View
Stare at it and it changes perspective
Kitchen Sink
Washington Gas Logo Circa 1960
New Oven
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Created By
Russell Layton


All photos are from the field by Rusty Layton

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