If You Can’t Dodge Go Home Photo essy bY julia tripp

Dodgefathers huddle up before the game

After winning their first game the freshmen Dodgefathers huddle up to discuss new strategies, sadly the Dodgefathers were beat by the soccer girls.

Freshman Lauren Vondollen mid dodge thrown by junior Megan Vincent

After dodging the orange ball so majestically Lauren was slammed with the yellow ball, the junior Dodgefathers beat the Untouchaballs.

Freshman Hannah Harbold mid throw

The all freshman tye dye team played hard against the sophomores, both had super cool team shirts.

Players are out and cheering

After they got out of the game, teammates were cheering for their team while they are out hoping for a win.

Junior Amanda Placzek mid throw

Amanda was throwing the ball at the freshman team Untouchaballs, the Untouchaballs played hard against the junior Dodgefathers. The Dodgefathers went on to play in the student vs. student championship.

Pre-game teacher huddle

The teachers huddled up to prepare and take on the soccer girls, Mr. Tschudin was really into the huddle and moved around, the teachers were pumped to start.

Teachers vs. students

Chaos at the line, both the teachers and soccer girls were at the line getting balls. Mr. Maddigan and Mr. Stara were dodging as Mr. Tschudin was throwing and getting the soccer girls out.

“The lone wolf”

Senior Maddie Nelson is the last man standing for the soccer girls, she didn’t go out without a fight, she lasted a fair amount of time all alone before the teachers won the dodgeball tournament.

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