Dutchy's at your wedding casual, easy, fun, delicious

A food truck sounds great, but, how does it work?!

SO EASY. Contact us, we quote, you say heck yes, you pay a deposit, we lock the date in, we catch up between now and then to discuss the finer details, we contact you close to the time to confirm, we roll in - you get maaaaaarried, we feed you, you party, we all live happily ever after!

Getting married in the wops? On a hill? At a pub? In the backyard at your Aunty’s place? At an amazing venue where you can have the reception right on the river bank? We’ll bring the kitchen. Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean the food isn’t bangin'. Give up the seating plan and the waiters, dishes and all that extra stuff. We roll in and roll out bringing and taking everything we need with us. We can bring extra staff to help tidy up tables and keep things looking swish as the night goes on. If you have everything organised and just need some friendly people to pour the drinks and keep things cool and stocked we can sort that too. Our Bose outdoor speakers are set up on the roof so if you’re organising your own playlist you can just plug it into our amp, and get your boogie on. They are the same ones used at Disneyland and can fill a large outdoor area easily. Have a read of the info included here and get back to us with any extra questions or the info we need to clear up the pricing for you. Congrats, you’re getting married! <3

What do you serve?

Delicious burgers and hand cut chips, you can choose 2 from our menu and we’ll make sure we have a vegetarian option as well. We have handmade crumbed chicken nuggies available for the little people.

Can I have something else?

It’s your party! If there’s something you fancy just let us know and we’ll suss out if we can make it happen. I.e. custom burger, salads instead of fries (but why?!)

Can you do GF, DF, Vegan and other dietary requirements?

Yass. Of course. Let us know what you need to keep your guests (and therefore you) happy. The only thing we may struggle with is strict coeliac as we are working in a small space and it’s hard to guarantee no cross contamination with bread crumbs etc better safe than sorry.

How do you get the trailer in, and when?

We get in place when it suits you. Think about the best time, when we won’t cause any distraction to important moments (speeches/ceremony etc.) Our trailer is 5m long and 2.4m wide, we have a Toyota Land Cruiser as a tow vehicle so we need access to manoeuvre it into place. Sometimes it’s best if we come have a look, sometimes we can check it out online, let us know what you think - you know the space.

What do we eat off of?

We use wheat straw plates from Innocent Packaging and cute kraft paper chippie cups - they look good and they are good - we love that for you.

How does it work when it’s time to eat?

We’ll have a rough idea of when you think you might be eating so we’ll work to that, but nothing ever goes exactly to plan. We’ll have a contact on the day (MC or similar) who will let us know about 30 mins before it’s time to eat, we’ll get ready and when we get the signal we’ll pop the window and your guests can mosey up and choose what they’d like. There is a slight wait as we can cook in batches of 10 or so burgers but we tend to feed 100 people in around 60-90 minutes sometimes faster but not slower.

How far do you travel?

That’s up to you. Within an hour of Otaki travel is included in the hire fee. Outside of that we will give you a custom price. As a guide, the fee for us to travel to the Wairarapa is $1000. We need to charge this to cover the time and mileage pulling a heavy trailer as well as having staff with extra travel time.

What do you need from me on the day?

  • MC contact person to direct us
  • Power connection if this has been previously discussed (we do have our own quiet generator but if you prefer us to be quieter we can plug in onsite)
  • For you not to have a care in the world and to trust we’re going to bang outdelicious food for your beautiful guests celebrating with you.

What does it cost?

As a rough guide:

  • Our minimum fee is $2,500 and is subject to change.
  • A burger and hand cut chips per person is $25
  • Our hire fee is $500 if travelling less than one hour from Otaki
  • Our staff are charged at $25pp per hour.
  • These prices are excluding GST

To give you an idea, for 80 people we need 3 staff for approx 4 hours (to include set up, service and pack down.)

What information do you need to give me an idea of price?
  • Date
  • Location
  • Number of adult guests
  • Number of child guests
  • Time we need to arrive and get in place Serving time frame (ie. 7 - 10pm)
How do I secure my date?

A non refundable payment of $500 will secure your date. The $500 will be deducted from the final balance.

Why do I need to pay a non refundable fee?

As soon as you ask to secure your date we stop planning events or accepting private bookings on that date. If you change your mind we may have a very popular date free and be too late to book in another event or party. We need to have a little security, especially as weddings are generally in our peak season. Hope you understand this. If ​we ​need to cancel (emergency situation) we will of course refund the $500

When do I settle the balance of the invoice?

Payment is appreciated in the 7 days before your wedding. If you need a different setup please let us know. We can arrange staggered payments leading up to the big day if you need.

Thank you for contacting us, we are a small family run business that loves having fun and making great food for cool people.