Keeping organized through managing time

Weekly Schedule
Schedule For February
Daily Schedule for February 8th

Summary for Time Management and Organization

For this exhibit, I planned out schedules for my month and week. The weekly schedule is a schedule that can be adapted for every week, serving as the base and keeping me in a routine. This routine will make me used to doing things at a certain time, and making me more likely to follow through on them. So far, I have followed the schedule on almost every day. I get into a routine with little variation, which seems to work well for me. I am able to get homework done more regularly, and I have found it easier to stay ahead of whats going on in class rather than falling behind. My monthly planner lets me see the big picture of what I have to do, and allows me to find the best daily schedule. The daily schedule that I have has kept me in line with what I need to get done for each class. I do have trouble remembering assignments until the very last minute when I have a small heart attack and panic. Writing them down, and knowing when I am going to do them keeps this from happening. I get my assignments done before the day they are due, so if something should slip by unexpected, I can do it without having something else that has to be done right away. Planning is something that I have had difficulty sticking to. I believe that maintaining my routine will keep me from slacking off in planning the other two parts to this group.


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