Intro to Digital Photography P1-06 Pictures are memories that last forever

Photography is a way of expressing yourself through how you see the world and sharing it with others. I tend to take more pictures of nature and show the natural colors and light. Using rules of composition is a big help when it comes to this, such as leading lines, rule of thirds, and even experimentation. They all help create better photos.

On the left is edited, I added contrast and exposure and shadows.
On the left is edited, I added contrast and darkened shadows, I also used spot removal on some of the dark spots on the leaves.
On the right is edited. For this photo I used the composition spiral, I added exposure, contrast, saturation, and spot removal.
On the left is edited, I added contrast and exposure, I also removed spots to make it look a little healthier.
On the left is edited, I used spirals and micro. I added contrast and exposure, as well as darkened shadows., and removed a couple spot.
On the left is the edited photo of a seashell, this composition is spiral. I added contrast and darkened the shadows.
This is the topic dessert, I used contrast, exposure, and saturation to bring out colors and make it a more appealing photo.
On the left is the no edited, I didn't add much here, I just added some exposure and contrast, this composition is framing.
In this photo I used framing, I added exposure and contrast to make the colors pop a bit more, I like this picture because I like the colors and the concept of the skateboards framing the volleyballs.

Final semester project

Christmas ornament before editing
Christmas ornament after editing, I added quite a bit of contrast, added more clarity, more vibrancy, highlights, and darkened shadows. The composition style used was leading lines. I took this photograph since its the Christmas season and Christmas trees are always fun.
Colorful Christmas light before editing
Christmas light after editing. I added slight exposure, added contrast, added highlights, darkened shadows, darkened blacks, brought up the clarity, and brought up vibrancy. The composition rule used here is experimentation. I took this photo because the colorful lights drew my attention.
Dramatic lighting before editing
For this last picture I added contrast, lightened shadows, and dropped highlights very slightly. The composition rule being used here is background, with this dark background the person stands out more. I took this picture because I was feeling dramatic and this was exactly what I wanted for expressing that.
Every year a odd family picture is taken

In this project I learned that it can be very fun and creative and there are many different ideas out there. I used leading lines for this photo and this was taken with an iPhone 6. There was minimal editing done.

Garden in Sedona, Arizona November 19,2016. I did minimal editing to this picture and I took it with my IPhone 6.
On the left is the before picture, as you can see it is pretty dark and their are some spots at the top caused by the dirty windshield. On the right picture I added contrast and highlights, I removed the spots and brought up the vibrance and clarity slightly.

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