My Utopia will use modern technology. We will have everything from cell phones to computers, bluetooth speakers to automatic padlocks. As well as new technology. I have invented an earpiece that is used when you are talking to other people who don't speak your language. Introducing the "Earhero!" It receives and processes the unfamiliar language that you are hearing and then translates it into your language. We will be transported by Instructable Bubbles like in the movie Meet the Robinsons.

Language and Religion

Any and all languages can be spoken, thanks to the Earhero! In my society, Christianity is strongly advised and is incorporated in many of the laws of the utopia. Holidays include Christmas and Easter as the two main holidays, Halloween, New Year's, and Thanksgiving.

Economics and Government

People work for their money and get payed by the government at the end of every month. If they are not able to work because of a medical condition, they will get payed enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle. The jobs in my society include farmers, businessmen, church leaders, construction men, ect. (typical jobs like today). The laws will be based on what the Bible commands us to do. We will have a republic government. The people vote on the president and leaders who make sure the law is kept.

Food Supply

We will eat animals and plants just like we do today that will be taken care of by farmers. However they will be grown and raised in perfect, temperature controlled domes. Eating right is one of the main importances of my society, along with exercising. A balanced meal with fruit, vegetables, grains, and protein is a necessity in my society.


My society will not have high and specific standards to reach to become “popular”. So fashion is not a high priority however it does vary, based on your class (rich people have expensive clothes and poor people have less glamourous apparel). Like I said in the Government section, children will be raised to respect their parents, obeying the Bible and what it says. In my society, if you do not obey the law and are rebellious, you will be taken to a special building where you are taught to do good and rehabilitate. Children will have the same education that we do today but it will be classical education with Christian foundations. All arts have no rules, it’s only a way to express one’s self. Sports such as football, baseball, hockey, and even ultimate frisbee are a big deal in my society. Watching and participating in sports is something almost every person does in their free time, as well as spend time with friends and family.


Like in most cultures, there is a myth to explain why things are the way they are, usually to teach a moral lesson. Click on the button below to read about the myth in my society.

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Peyton Courson

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