The Great Barrier Reef Hannah Leggett

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Overall, I could probably say this is one of the rare assignments I’ve actually thoroughly enjoyed! To start, I’ve learnt so much about advertising. Every time I now look at an ad, I think about the salience, I look for vectors, I try to understand what certain colours represent and much more. Also, when I’m writing a speech, whether it be for debating or an assignment, I always use the persuasive techniques that we’ve been taught. I think about emotive words, inclusive language, metaphors, similes and many others. For the written text I first gathered a bit of information and then I just started writing. My visual was a little harder but I still found it enjoyable to create. The webpage, again, I really liked. I tried to make it very persuasive and pleasing to the eye.

I think one thing I did well was probably just choosing the topic. I think I had a good issue that I felt passionate about from the very start which made the whole assignment really persuasive and really fun.

If I had to do the task again I would probably try to stay on top of it more. I finished the written pretty early on, but the rest of it felt like it all came down to that last weekend.

I needed A LOT of help from ICT. For some reason Adobe Spark and Photoshop weren’t working, so I had to go down three times to fix that.

The main thing I have learnt about the art of persuasion is that it all comes down to the minor details. It might be simply using an exclamation mark or using a certain colour. But in the end, it’s always the little things that change it from good to great.

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