The Hebrews BY MARTIN and tom

The Hebrews were the first to write the bible and the scriptures There are the ones that shared the stories about Jesus.

1. The home of Hebrews was in the wildernesses the Hebrews knew where all the water sources and food were and rain was important there are different rains the rain in different places


1.The Hebrews lived a normal life since the couldn't carry much they didn't have much resources the Hebrews made tents to sleep in the tent was split in two sides man a woman. Hebrew wealth was measured by how much flocks of sheep they had the Hebrews had weapons for defence bow and arrows a spears they also had weapons for butchering and sickles and mactops for gathering crops


The Hebrew family would be about 25 to 50 members

the Hebrews and clans normally the oldest would be the clan chief

.the clan would consist of his brothers, nephews, grandsons as well as there wife's.

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