Financial Literacy Portfolio Danielle considine

Complaint letter written to Newell Rubbermaid for dry Paper Mate pens.

In addition to Newell Rubbermaid, I also wrote to Coca Cola and Burlington Coat Factory. I wrote to Coca Cola for flat soda, and Burlington Coat Factory for poor service. In response to these complaint letters, I have received a new set of $25 pens, a voucher for a new liter bottle of Coca Cola and $10 store credit to Burlington Coat Factory as well as retraining for some employes. When writing a complaint letter I learned how to not only make it sound professional, but look professional. I also learned that by setting a time increment the should reply by and a suggested refund, you tend to get more responses.

Cost of Paper Mate pens on
General Mills vs White Wave

For my stock project, I compared General Mills (GIS) to White Wave (WWAV). Through out the process of comparing the two, I realized when comparing stocks you have to chose to compare two like stocks. Even though they both are companies that produce food, General Mills has been around much longer than White Wave and is much more established. Because of this, White Wave had a significant percentage higher of debt but much more growth than General Mills.

2013 Hyundai Tucson

Before taking Financial Literacy, I did not know anything about cars. Throughout this semester I have learned how to buy as quality car without the high price tag. First of all I learned that by buying a used car the depreciation has already been taken out of the car causing the cost to be lower. This could also cause your warranty. I also learned about special packages such as technology and how they increase the price.

Comparison Shopping Project Summary
Fit Bit display in a store

We also calculated the cost of credit and I leaned that the longer your loan is, the more you end up paying. This means that you will be paying significantly more for a 48 month loan than a 12 month loan. I also learned ways to decrease your interest rate is paying it off quicker and putting down a down payment.

The dollar cost of credit = (monthly payments) x (number of payments) + (down payment) - (cash price)


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