United Nations why, when and how

The United Nations was created to promote international peace and to avoid the possibility of another world war occurring.

Before the United Nations was created, the League of Nations was created following World War I and the Paris Peace Conference.

The goal of the UN is to unite countries and solve international conflict with moderation and appeasement.

The United Nations headquarters is located in Manhattan New York on 42nd street.

Diplomats from over 190 countries meet at the United Nations to discuss and find resolutions for human rights violations, failing economies, security threats, and cultural dilemmas.

The security council is a group of 50 countries that are considered to be the largest and most powerful nations on Earth. These countries have taken on the responsibility of keeping all nations safe. They are the ones that decide when peacekeeping operations are to be deployed.

Some countries have less voting rights within the United Nations. This is based on the size, influence and power of a country.

The United Nation's ultimate goal is to eradicate human rights violations, economic disasters, security issues, and international disputes. In order to do this as effectively as possible, there are six separate committees within the United Nations.

First Committee (Disarmament & International Security)

Second Committee (Economic & Financial)

Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural)

Fourth Committee (Special Political & Decolonization)

Fifth Committee (Administrative & Budgetary)

Sixth Committee (Legal)

The United Nations greatest achievement is the work that they have done to end world hunger. The World Food Program (WFP) provides food to 90 million people every year. The number of starving people in the world has fallen by more than 100 million in the past decade because of these efforts.

I believe the United Nations should be kept, a healthy and peaceful world in which all countries and peoples can be in agreement, is an image we should never stop striving towards.

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