Snakes By: Kylie greene

Snakes are reptiles found in streams and rivers. Snakes can be different colors like green or black. They can grow up to 30 feet tall and 550 pounds. Snakes have hollow fangs and some have a rattle. Snakes are related to other reptiles like lizards and turtles.

Snakes are carnivores that means that they only eat meat. They can only eat meat. They can eat mice, insects, frogs, lizards, eggs, and even crickets. When snakes are hungry they bite their prey or squeeze their prey and wait until it dies.

Snakes live all over the earth like in forests, wetlands, rocky hillsides, or farmland. Snakes use CAMOUFLAGE to stay away from predators, and the grass helps them do that. Snakes do not live in groups. They live by themselves.

Snakes can unhook their jaws so they can eat bigger and better prey. Some have a rattle to scare off predators.

Snakes can get eaten by a lot of things like hawks, owls, fish, foxes, skunks, raccoons, badgers, mongooses, coyotes, wild boars and humans. Snakes can play dead when they are threatened.

Some interesting facts about snakes are black rat snakes are wilder during the day then corn snakes. Some snakes have a scent gland when predators come near they give off a bad odor. A lot of snakes can’t see where their prey or predators are, but the blue racer can see their predators and prey. Snakes use their tongue to smell. When they hiss, their tongue comes out and collects particles in the air. Then the tongue goes back into its mouth and they press their tongue to an organ on the top of its mouth and that senses what they smelled. Snakes can also squeeze their prey and wait until it dies.

Snakes are interesting animals to learn about. They are fun to watch and read about.


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