Show, Interact, Create Laurel Hettinger


"Show" is meant to introduce students to the topic that they will be learning and gain their interest.

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to recognize/identify that leaves change color in the fall and describe/state the visual differences between a summer leaf and a fall leaf.

Students can visually see how leaves change throughout the seasons. Emphasis should be placed on what the leaves look like in the fall in comparison to the summer.

Show Activity: Students will watch the following video explaining how and why leaves change from the summer to the fall.


"Interact" brings the lesson to the next level and allows for students to get a personal experience with what they are learning. A higher level of understanding will be gained during this part of a lesson.

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to touch/discover/explore leaves outside and sketch/illustrate them on a piece of paper.

Interact Activity: Bring students outside and allow them to explore the leaves around them. Have them pick one or two leaves to bring inside that they can trace or free draw on a piece of paper.


"Create" allows students to make something pertaining to the lesson and have fun with what they are learning. Create will usually test if a student successfully gained the information because it involves an even higher level of learning.

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to describe/write/tell/explain how leaves change color and make a leaf printing.

Create Activity: Students will use a leaf from outside, paint it fall colors, and print it onto a piece of paper. Students will write an explanation of how and why leaves change color on the same piece of paper.

These can be hung on windows and the light will shine through.

This lesson would be part of a larger unit. The unit could have something to do with the four seasons and how they are a cycle while this lesson could specifically focus on the fall leaves and how/why they change.

This lesson is one that students would enjoy because it is student-centric. The lesson is hands-on and uses active learning techniques.

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