IT 325B Ms. Pennington

Freaky Fun Fractions!


  • Today you will be learning about fractions! Do you like pizza? Do you want to make a pizza? How does this have anything to do with fractions Ms. Pennington?? You will soon find out!
Standard:3.NF.A-Develop understanding of fractions as numbers
  1. Through this WebQuest, you will watch a couple videos that introduce fractions and explain what makes up a fraction.
  2. You will then look at a couple pictures of fractions to grasp a better understanding.
  3. Then you will get the opportunity to play games online that teach you more about fractions!
  4. After you have completed the games you will watch a video that concludes fractions.
  5. At the end of the WebQuest there are more games and videos while you wait for others to finish.


Grab some headphones at the front of the room or get out your own. Below is a video introducing fractions. Click the video and enjoy!

Here is another video about fractions! Click the play button and enjoy!

Here is another way to learn fractions. Take a look at the photo below and try and see what it is getting you to understand!

I'll give you a hint...1/2= 1/4 +1/4

What else do you notice?? Take out a piece of paper and write some ideas down!

Below is another picture. What do you think we use these for? Write your answer on the same piece of paper you used for the above activity. Doesn't matter if it is right or wrong! Give it your best shot. Guessing won't hurt.

  1. Below you see the word "GAME" in the middle of a box. Click the word and it will lead you to Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop.
  2. Before playing the game scroll to the top of the website and over on the right hand side click "Watch a How to Play this Game Video". This will explain how to play the game.
  3. After the video is done click "Play Tony Fraction". This will lead you to the actual game.
  4. Click "Play". Leave the timer setting on. It will time you on how many pizza's you can make and how much money you made from making those pizzas. How much money you made is called earnings this is shown in the bottom left hand corner of the game.
  5. Once you have ran out of time, on the same piece of paper that you have used for the previous activities, write down how much money you made and the order number. The order number is shown right across from the "Client Order".
  1. Below is another game. Click the word "GAME 2" just like you did previously for the pizza game.
  2. When you get to the website click the "Interactive tutorial".
  3. After the tutorial is over, on the left hand side click "matching fractions level 1".
  4. Click timed mode.
  5. After you finish make sure you write down what level you made it to, how many pairs you missed and how many pairs you got right on the same piece of paper that you have been using.

After you have completed the game, wath this concluding video on fractions!


This is how I will be evaluating how well you did with this WebQuest.


When you are done you can watch these videos that go more in depth on fractions or you can play the games that you played earlier and try to improve while you wait for others to finish.

This video is on equivalent fractions.

The video below is on adding fractions.

The video below is about subtracting fractions.

If you do not understand these videos to well do not worry these will be talked about later!

Below are the two games that you played up top. You can try to improve your score!

You have now completed the WebQuest!

Created By
Jenna Pennington


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