Railroad Water Music video treatment

Impressionistic video style with timelapse of night city lights in Mexico City and stars in desert.. It is a mood video.. Playing with speed as well.. slow motion etc. TinaKristina singing and mixed with travel shots, travelling to different locations.. as well as singing at locations in Mexico City and locations (pictured below) in beautifully captured daylight, and gorgeous silhouttes in Black and White.. the song is about being thirsty for the freedom of travel (in soviet times you could not travel outside of USSR).. Shot in day and night..

Locations and Moodboard

Example of singing with timelapse mood

(very rough idea i put together.. more of a mood board.. in what i invison with night time.. timelapse.. stars.. clouds.. lights..)

References (I see a mix of these two videos.. below "railroad ideas comp" mixed with the above video, which is a reference of stars, clouds, sky, timelapse etc, water reflections look fantastic):

Lyrics are difficult to translate.. but roughly it goes like this..: (the words express very abstract poetic images.. however i want to stay clear of trying to capture them line by line and just keep it more as a mood piece, though i am open to ideas:)


Give me a drink of the freedom (rail) road water (Freedom railroad water, let me quench my thirst)

Give me a drink of the freedom (rail) road water

I like summer, because summer is so warm

Winter is sweet how the glass (window) freezes over

I cannot be seen in the window, and the snow covers the tracks (foot prints)

When I was younger, I put the whole world in its place;

When I was younger, I set up the whole world in its places.

Now I drink my wine, I eat my cheese,

I roll down an incline - I do not know, up or down,

I stand on the hill - I do not know, here or there.

We knew each other, I heard, that it is a fact;

We knew each other, I heard, that it is a fact.

But your brain is buzzing today like a mill;

Here It's too bright, and you can not see the eyes,

But here I am singing - will you jump in, in beat

There are those that believe, and those that look out from (theater) balcony.

And sometimes even I am sure I can see (where is) the lie.

But when you wake up, hide your fear

It was not a ghost, it was just a sound;

This set off a train, on which you will not get on (you won’t make it).

So, give me a drink of the freedom (rail) road water

Give me a drink of the freedom (rail) road water

I wrote these songs in late December,

Naked in the snow, in the light of the full moon,

But if you can hear me, perhaps it is not in vain.

p.s. as a back up, if we dont have time to film timelapse etc. we can either a.) get stock footage.. or b.) i can ask a director here in mexico (as a last resort) to use his timelapse footage, which ive seen and hes got tons of.. timelapse of city (mex) as well as stars etc.. and we can greenscreen or double expose etc..

PPS. Maybe we can leave the images/photos i have above of desert also/instead for babylon? If these last two videos seem sufficient in material..

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