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What brings together a supranational government?

To have citizenship of a country and have citizenship of a supranational government is a good thing that you can benefit from. A force that works for supranational is the parliament which is representatives of their countries come together and work on problems that they all share even though there are many different countries each country has their own cultural identity.This is important because with a lot of countries working together you can solve problems lots of the countries share and then the individual countries can zero in on smaller problems. A common market helps work for the supranational government because people can try different types of food and buy thing for another country and they don’t have to pay tariffs (taxes) to the country that produced it. This is important because people will feel more connected to the other countries around and near them because people are usually afraid of things they don't know. Supranational governments can benefit you in many ways.

This is an European Union flap this is a supranational government.


Why is government necessary?

Government is necessary because people need some sort of rules. Governments are necessary because even if the government is a dictatorship or a junta in which citizens might not have as many rights there are still leaders making sure citizens don't do anything they want to do. This is important because citizens know what they are and aren't allowed to do so the place is not complete anarchy. Governments are necessary because society runs on the government for example some of the money from taxes paves the roads and if the government wasn't there to control the money nothing would happen. This is important because if government wasn't there people wouldn't have responsibility. These are just some of the many reasons governments are necessary.

This is the American Constitution.


What does being a good citizen mean?

Being a good citizen means that people should follow the laws, because if people don’t follow the laws that could end up getting in trouble. People also want to listen to the rules of public places even though people have freedom they want to be informed that the people who have authority in the place you are in might want to fine people even if they didn't know about the rule because they have been working hard all day and their tolerance level will be pretty low. People also should pay their taxes because the state that you live in gets benefited by it because then they can make places safer and pay the citizens more.


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