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What is it?

Healing through revelation of the True Self, rather than healing by attempting to make matter better. This is true Spiritual Healing in that, myself - as the healing practitioner -starts with the end result:, that there is nothing to heal. My job is to sit in meditation on behalf of the patient and to dissolve all belief in any material condition that has been accepted by the patient, such as any form of ill health or disease, or any discordant life-circumstances.

A very important part of this work are specific healing treatments that I write for each patient who comes to me, which take the form of 'Power-Poems'. These Power-Poems are extremely potent as they are concerned only with Truth - the Omnipotence of God. And simply put: Truth reverses Error. And it is error to believe that there a second power other than God, as in God AND. It is impossible for there to be a second power, because this would render Omnipotence - the One - the only power - to be a lie.

There is only One power and that is G.O.D - which stands for: 'Good. Omnipotent. Divine'

Therefore there can't be God AND illness or God AND lack, and so the Power-Poems are designed to reverse the belief in the error and focus on the Truth of God, Source as unblemished, pristine perfect Self, fully abundant and supplied.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with 'positive thinking' but has everything to do with the Real as opposed to the believed and unreal.

Here is an example of a patient who had an almost fatal stroke, and the Power-Poem that 'came through' and resulted in a very fast healing for her.

Shamilla's recovery

The symptoms showing up in my body were just a thought

And seeing through these illusions, just in time, have been caught

So they've stopped right NOW!


Absolute SOURCE, as never before, THAT, I AM - revealed!

My perfect Natural State is pristine, calm and stable

No matter what the doctors say or try to 'illness-label'.

I am totally WELL in body, mind and BRAIN

I am completely healthy and that's how I remain

Both sides of me,


"In Him I move and have my Being"

Now walking feels easy and totally freeing!

I have a healthy, free and comfortable head

Which is at ease, awake or in bed

And perfect balance, solid and stable

And happy legs that are agile and able

My vision's perfect; my focus is clear

All unpleasant feelings, gone from my ears

I AM perfect now and always, reflecting HIS Power

I am Spiritual in substance shown in every moment of this hour

I hand my I AM over to THAT - Truth aligned with Might!

Suddenly! All symptoms gone! Subsumed by the Light!

My very form is living proof that only Divinity is Here

I have my Father's Powers. I'm indestructible, No fear!


And so it is. Already done. I'm at peace. God's law is how.

I'm calm, and soothed and tranquil as a cool mountain stream

A Miracle has awakened me from NOTHING but a DREAM.

AND SO IT IS! Already done! Already done! Already done!

If you would like a healing treatment, please email: amanda@healingbyrevealingsoul.com and I will explain the charges and how it works.

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Amanda-Clare Solk

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