Tattoos On the Heart: by Greg Boyle Eric Goracke

Preface and Introduction

Reflection: The preface and introduction offers an overall explanation for the significance of this novel. It is mentioned that the overall message of the story is to make it known that no lives matter more than any others and that it was important for Father Greg to help the poor. It tells the reader about homeboy industries and its mission to help gang members avoid incarceration and offer employment. The most impactful story from these chapters for me was the transformation of Luis. He is formally known for being a notorious drug dealer in his neighborhood but turns things around. This was because he was having daughter and tried to become a better member of society.

Chapter 1: God, IGuess

Reflection: In this chapter it is known that Homeboy Industries finds it important to imitate the God that we believe in. It teaches us that we should all marinate in the intimacy of God. It teaches us that God's arms are always rushing out to us and that we are included in his love. An impactful story for me was when Cesar called father G at 3 AM. Father Greg reassured Cesar that he was a son worth having since he never really had a good father figure in his life.

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace

Reflection: Overall this chapter teaches that in our shame we can our wholeness. If we are caught in the shadow of disgrace and ashamed of ourselves, God can help us. He can help us not be ashamed and be messengers of his mercy. An impactful story for me from this chapter was about Lula. He was happy to show his report card to G with all Fs, but he had no absences. This showed that he was doing his best to turn his life around and that he was trying his best.


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