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Colorado Springs Trip

We are living in a new normal and learning how to adapt to new traveling requirements has been a part of the learning curve. The sites at travel destinations have not changed and it is still possible to enjoy the experience.

In flying from Dallas to Colorado Springs we chose a direct flight over a connection in order to limit our person-to-person contact and stay within social distancing guidelines. The flight had mandated empty seats. At the airport you can clearly see a difference compared to six months ago, not only less people milling about but also the attention to cleaning. Wearing a mask feels different, but it isn't a deal-breaker for me and everyone working for the airlines just seemed happy to see us travel again. We received warm welcomes from everyone through the plexiglass barriers. Overall, the flight to Colorado Springs was uneventful and the new cleaning and distancing standards by the airline made us feel comfortable.

Colorado Springs

Amtrak to Baltimore


Traveling on Amtrak and seeing the western states from the view of the rails is still a bucket list experience. There are some differences in the food service and the trains purposely are only half occupied, but for us we chose a Bedroom Sleeper cabin so that we could observe social distancing. The gorgeous views are the same while traveling through the mountains. The biggest difference we noticed was while eating in the dining car, with the new paper menus and being served on plates and bowls that can be thrown away after each use. The food was good and the staff was amazing.

Baltimore City

I do recommend getting out there and seeing the world or just seeing more of the United States and continuing to help support the economy. There are amazing people to meet.

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