Saffron Design Brand By Henry Torrance

Saffron is a design brand used by companies and designers for consulting on designs, branding, experience and innovation strategy. founded in 2001 by Wally Olins and Jacob Benbunan, Olins passed away in 2014 and Benbunan is currently the CEO of Saffron. Saffron has offices in London, Madrid, Berlin, Istanbul, Mumbai, Melbourne, San Francisco and São Paulo.

Saffron is significant to design because they are an innovative company, which expands the world of design from just a designer and a client to now having middle people and other factors in the design process. Saffron is helping companies design new and better interfaces for websites and app as well as designing logos and entire locations.

I will be analyzing a design Saffron worked on for an app, for a company called Panda. This app provides security for computers and other devices. On the Saffron website there is a section talking about this project, the caption for the section says "Keeping it simplex" this refers to the logo of the padlock as shown in the image above. It's almost a simple design, however it features certain things making it seem more complex. For example the fact that there are shadows coming off different sections of the lock, this shows that in reality the lock is three dimensional and has different sections and levels to it. This is a more low-key way of showing that the logo represents the application, in that it has almost a regular and easy to comprehend interface, but the security system is more complex.

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