How a country becomes developed By Luis Arias

developing countries suffer from poor sanitation which causes diseases, if the issue is address they will have less pollution and illness.
Water is a issue developing countries suffer from, most water is undrinkable and dangerous to drink. Making water safe to drink will help children who are scared to drink water because it might be unsafe.
Healthcare is necessary to improve a developing country, illness kills many in developing countries due to medicines not yet discovered there.
Developed countries have some of the worlds best technology and developing countries do not really advance in technology. When a country is developed it obtains the knowledge how to make these products and is necessary to call a country developed.
More jobs can be created in a developed country than a developing country. Often a developing country focuses on farming.
Education and public schooling is provided for both boys and girls and most children in developing countries do not attend school. Developing countries tend to have children required to go to school and education is a part of a child's daily life.
Industrialization is what really could help a developing country it builds cities and better housing also builds a strong economy for the citizens who live there.
Agriculture is important because it shortens time for crops to grow and better farming techniques happen because of this it helps countries with the produce from farms today.
In the graph developing countries have high amounts of births with low amounts of people living long lives due to where they live and the conditions they face.
fertility rate is at its highest in developing countries due to the lack of sexual education to those while developed countries have low rates.
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Luis Arias


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