Here are a couple of Relaxing songs to start of:

if music is not your thing then that is fine!

There is a lot of ways of relaxing but I have just listed a few here.

Here are some ways to relax hopefully at least one of them is the right fit for you.


Reading is actually a nice way to relax! if you can I suggest getting a book that you enjoy reading and just sit somewhere and read it is pretty simple and also can help you relax.


This is a fun and easy way to relax! here is an example:

tense your toes and then keep them tensed for 3 seconds and then in tense. and then you can do that to your hands you face etc.


Yoga is a very good way to relax and I highly recommend that if you choose to do yoga that you listen to some relaxing music while you do yoga. Yoga is and amazing way to relax and also very fun.


Music is an awesome way to relax and there is so many different types of music to listen to. I have listed here some different types of relaxing music here:

Thanks for reading!


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