Doge By: z.s

Doge oh Doge, You look like vanilla

Doge oh Doge, How you wiggle

Doge oh Doge, You are a model

Doge oh Doge, We could travel for miles

Doge oh Doge, How long is this poem?

Doge oh Doge, You are my only idol

Doge oh Doge, Would you like me to stop?

Doge oh Doge, We will make it to the top

Doge oh Doge, Now i'll stop.


Created with images by ray.k - "(´・ω・`)" • WerbeFabrik - "waffles belgian belgischewaffel" • twak - "ants vs worm" • ELANUSA - "fashion woman beauty" • Ka!zen - "Road" • mrsdkrebs - "Headline Poem" • visit361 - "giant statue idol" • TimmyHamster - "Stop" • Jonas B - "Mountain"

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