Noggin & Stung Quarter Two Book Project

Noggin...John Corey Whaley

Noggin is a book that is set place in a modern time period. The only thing that separates our world from Noggin's is the more advanced medical technology.

The main character is Travis Coates. Just at the age of 16, Travis was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Travis then made the decision to volunteer to be a part of an experimental medical procedure removing his healthy head from his unhealthy body. Five years pass and Travis' head is fortunate enough to be attached to another body. Travis is considered a sixteen year old and is forced to repeat high school. Travis does not expect his girlfriend, Cate to be engaged to another man. Travis faces the challenge of dealing with Cate's engagement. On top of that, Travis has to deal with all of the attention he's receiving. After all Travis is only a sixteen year old.

In this project I will be comparing Stung and Noggin.

Stung...Bethany Wiggins

Fiona Tarsis’ adventure starts with her waking up from a sleep she doesn't remember falling asleep to. She wakes up to find that everything is different. The world she lives in is empty and only left are the monsters. Monsters that are both beasts and human. An oval tattoo with five marks on each side. Fiona can only remember her thirteenth birthday, nothing after that. She finds out the tattoo on her wrist resembles the ten doses of the vaccine she had to take as a thirteen year old. Everyone who is marked eventually turns into a beast. Beasts that are mindless and insanely violent. Fiona ends up being in custody under a soldier (from inside the wall) named, Bowen. Fiona recognizes Bowen as the younger brother of her childhood crush. Together Bowen and Fiona work together to resolve the obstacles that are thrown at them. They develop a great bond that is taken to a new level.

Comparing & Contrasting:

Comparing- The characters of these novels share similar personality traits. Dreyden Bowen and Travis Coates are both males that persevere and really fight for what they want or believe. Although Travis can be stubborn, he almost always puts the people he cares before himself. That's another big similarity Dreyden and Travis share.

Travis Coates and Fiona Tarsis have both awakened to a different world. Their world and people around them have changed and moved on with time while they were unconscious. Although Travis has memory and can recall his past life, Fiona does not. Adjusting and overcoming the challenges of this new life is quite difficult. Travis and Fiona manage to do so just fine.

Contrasting- These two books are set place in two completely different genres and settings. Stung is set place in an abandoned and invaded by beasts world. Noggin is set place in a modern world just like our's.

Stung is clearly resolved completely in the end of the book. In the end, Stung and its characters have achieved their goals. Travis and his friends do not completely what was wanted to happen.

If you enjoyed Stung by: Bethany Wiggins you will definitely enjoy this similar yet different book, Noggin by: John Corey Whaley.

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