Says By britney sawyer


She must have been in a rush says the cluttered bed

Her asthma is severe says the prepared breathing machine beside the bed

The pillow perfectly positioned with a few wet spots shows she holds it at night,at night when she cries

The varies make up bags and buckets say that she uses them to hide any insecurities

The few travel boxes say she moves often and doesn't bother to unpack if the transition

is to happen again

The headphones and music CDs tell of how she blocks out the world with them

The thigh high socks show her love for cold weather fashions

The flannels sprawled out say she has used there long sleeves and comfort to hide from hurt

She is still a student, says the backpack and composition books lying upon the carpet

Her mother is in love with Christmas screams the Christmas decor all throughout the living room

She wants to travel soon says suitcases begging to be filled with clothes and other travel goods

The hat hung before the headboard of her bed says it means importance to her, special it says.

Her mother tries hard to play father and mother roles says the photos lacking her father

She has two brothers says the doubled bunk beds in the other room

Her escape is drawing, says the sketches in her bag

She wants to be more than this says the personal writings sprawled upon the desk

And with all this she has hope screams her eyes.

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