A immigrant Journey Emily Ramirez P.1

Irish came to the U.S because of the potato blight which made them migrate drastically. Thousand of peasants were taken out from their cottage and forced mostly into North America. They had no education unlike the earlier immigrants they had no skills. They also had a fiercely loyalty to Catholic Church.Mexicans came to the US to get better opportunities of their kids growing up to go get a good job so that they wont struggle in life. They also do if for them self because they need jobs to stay alive and wealthy.
Irish mostly settled in Boston, New York and other cities that they lived in hard conditions.Most of them managed to survive, they have now become a vibrant part of the American culture. The reason for that was so that they can get jobs and make money to support their family or themselves and to have enough money for food.Most Mexicans settled in California and Texas because they say its the "traditional" destination. Over half of the Mexicans say its like home.
They took jobs that were not often taken by Americans like the dangerous jobs. Women would take being a servant as a job or domestic workers. Men would built railroads and canals they would also work in coal mines. Building a railroad was so dangerous they buried a Irish man every day they said.Mexican women would mostly take being a housewife or maids. The men would mostly take construction labors.
Irish had to face the anti-Catholicism which was when the Americans placed labels on them, stereotyped, and destitution. They were treated as the scum of society. They were considered as terrible neighbors.Mexicans had to face the great depression which was very sad and even worst because they had to face deportation. They couldn't find no more jobs and they had very little food.
Some similarities Irish and Mexicans had to face was trying to me accepted by whites so that they wouldn't get treated differently as if the were animals or didn't exist. They also had to look hard for jobs so that they can help themselves and family.
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