Christianity Charlie burns


Christianity's beginning dates back to the death of Jesus in circa A.D. 33 in what is now known as Israel. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and is both fully divine and fully human. Many other religions worship a similar Messiah.

Christian Cross

Major Beliefs

Christians read the Bible, a large collection of sacred texts and stories split into two sections: The Old Testament, and the New Testament. Christians worship in churches lead by a priest or deacon. Sundays are their holy days.

Key Holidays/Celebrations

Key holidays for Christians include Easter, Lent, Advent, and Christmas, particularly celebrated by Catholics, Pentecost, All Hallows' Eve, and Holy Innovence are celebrated by other non-Catholic Christians. Lent, a special period of 40 days and night before Easter, in which they reflect on their sins, as well as commemorate the time leading up to Jesus' Death and Resurrection.

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